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Swedish Massage
Using classic European massage techniques, this full body massage will improve circulation, enhance skin and muscle tone, relieve tension, and soothe tired muscles. This is the ultimate massage for relaxation and increased circulation.

Deep Tissue
Deep pressure to specific trigger points of the body relieves stress and tension, stimulates energy, and allows the natural flow of oxygen to the blood. This treatment is therapeutic and energizing, as well as relaxing.  An intense massage such as this is recommended for those who have had massage before.

Sports Massage
Deep stroking methods plus special stretching movements, specific to your sport, soothe and invigorate muscles before or after sports activity. This style of massage is helpful for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and flexibility.

Maternity Massage
Honor the miracle and address the hard work of carrying a baby with a special treatment for a special woman.  This massage uses a special pregnancy pillow to allow for comfort while laying on the stomach during all stages of pregnancy, and relieves discomfort in the upper back, hips, and legs.

Rapid Adhesion Release Technique
This is a specific form of myofascial release that stimulates the deep fascia of the body allowing you to push past chronic issues. By allowing the tissues to slide and glide freely, RAPID helps many conditions including sciatica, plantar fasciitis, Baker's cysts, TMJ, vertigo, tinnitus, and more. Please specify at time of booking that you would prefer a RAPID treatment during massage.
Prices for RAPID: 30 minute session- $60 + GST
60 minute massage with 30 minutes of RAPID- $89 + GST


30 min- $50

45 min- $70

60 min- $79

90 min- $125


(3) 1 hour massages- $213.30 (10% off)

(5) 1 hour massages  $335.75 (15% off)

(10) 1 hour massages  $632 (20% off)

Most Insurance Plans Accepted
* + GST